Dolphin Strategy

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent and social animals, they are easy to train, friendly and playful.

Our Dolphin strategy suits someone with wide range of interests and primarily wants to have a non stressful life in order to enjoy it. The objective of the strategy is to have steady appreciation of capital and limit volatility to an extent that its easy to bear and does not overwhelm other aspects of a good life.

The strategy invests 50-60% in equity strategies and remaining funds are allocated to debt funds.

Live Since 2020-Aug-26

Cumulative Returns

Lookback (Days) Dolphin Nifty 50 Midcap 100

Current Performace


Tuning an investment strategy targeting a specific risk-profile is equal parts skill and art. For our moderately-aggressive Dolphin investment strategy, we have tried to strike the right balance between delivering market-beating returns and avoiding steep drawdowns and volatility. Our back-test of the strategy shows that while it may not always beat an index in the short-term, over an investment horizon of 3-years or more, it provides for a smoother ride while delivering ample risk-adjusted performance.