Shark Strategy

Sharks are awesome, intriguing, aggressive and even terrifying creatures. Masters of their domain and act like it. Our Shark strategy is suited for someone with a similar mindset, someone who wants to be aggressive and has the ability and willingness to take relatively higher risks.

The primary objective is capital appreciation through compounding at a faster rate, with the knowledge that they'll be periods of of volatility and a Shark has the stomach to absorb it in order to come ahead stronger.

The strategy invests 70-90% in equities and 10% is held in debt or cash.

Live Since 2020-Aug-26

Cumulative Returns

Lookback (Days) Shark Nifty 50 Midcap 100

Current Performance


Tuning an investment strategy targeting a specific risk-profile is equal parts skill and art. For our aggressive Shark investment strategy, we have tried to strike the right balance between delivering market-beating returns and avoiding steep drawdowns and excessive volatility. Our back-test of the strategy shows that while it may not always beat an index in the short-term, over
an investment horizon of 3-years or more, it provides for a smoother ride while delivering superior performance.