Whale Strategy

Whales are large aquatic mammals that are highly intelligent. Whales are secure in their position in the vast oceans. They are not perturbed or attracted by the noise around them, what defines them is their strong social ties.

This strategy is for someone who has reached top of the pyramid in terms of their financial goal and finds it fulfilling. Now the focus is to preserve it and grow it to the extent to protect it from inflation. volatility is extremely limited in order to ensure that our Whales can sleep well at night.

The strategy invests 20-40% in equity strategies and remaining funds in debt funds.

Live Since 2020-Aug-26

Cumulative Returns

Lookback (Days) Whale Nifty 50 Midcap 100

Current Performance


Tuning an investment strategy targeting a specific risk-profile is equal parts skill and art. For our conservative Whale investment strategy, we have tried to strike the right balance between delivering superior returns and avoiding drawdowns and volatility. Our back-test of the strategy shows that while it may not always beat an index in the short-term, over an investment horizon of 3-years or more, it provides for a smoother ride while delivering superior risk-adjusted performance.